Creating a Successful Path for Young Professionals in a Pandemic World


Project Background

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way that organizations across the globe function. We wanted to look at how companies in Atlantic Canada and beyond are adapting to this new normal. Using a Design Thinking approach, we spoke to local companies across the Atlantic provinces about hiring virtually, working remotely, and adapting to work in a post-pandemic world. With our research and analysis we wanted to know - how will these new changes impact the hiring process for employers? And how will they affect young professionals seeking employment?

“When we think about skills we think more about mindset. We really look for people who are willing to adapt, who are open and resilient to change, and people who are entrepreneurial in nature. The technical hard skills are important too but for us culturally we're looking for the mindset piece.”

- Simon Chan, Communitech


Who Was Involved?

The purpose of this project was for young professionals to conduct interviews with employers from the various industries listed below in order to gain a broad perspective on how COVID-19 has affected their process of recruiting and retaining young talent. We combined the information we gathered from the interviews with our own perspectives, then analyzed the insights that are relevant for both employers and young professionals.

Employer Industries

Young Professionals


What We Learned


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